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Alena Compton

Wow, that is a really tough one. I am a big worrier, and I had several big moments of insight this weekend that have actually done me a lot of good. But it is a constant battle to trust things will be okay and to live life fully not doubting everything will fall apart.

My mom shared a thought with me from my brother Amman saying that faith is holding on to what you know and remembering that, clinging to that when all the unknowns crowd in on you. I think I don't do enough "holding on" to what I know after facing the realities of a situation. Fear is the antithesis of faith and it will steal your life away from you if you let it. That "holding on" image is something that is helping me--maybe it will help Freckles too.

I love you both and give her lots of hugs of encouragement from me. I'm so grateful you're her Mom and care so well for her.


Love you Nic!


Sweet post Nicole... My little Romney is a worrier too. I try to teach her that our lives are in the Lords hands... and teach her to have faith in him to give him our worries and troubles then taking each moment one at a time.


I don't know which General Authority said this quote, but a friend gave it to me a few years ago and it has helped me tons and I tell it to my boys too, especially when things are out of our control.
"All the strength you will ever need is within you now. It was put there by your Creator who knew very well what you would face in this life and made you equal to it."

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