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Thanks for the reminder to focus on the positive instead of the stressful and neglected parts of life! It's good to know that you are all healthy and happy despite the craziness. I'm going to click on that link to the new website now...


Ok Nicole!
I just checked out the Spring line and I've got my eye on the Chloe tankini.

I'll be done with my spending hiatus May 1st. Do you think you could hold a Chloe for me??? Pretty please? That can be my reward at the END of my hiatus.

Glad you're still alive over there. Isn't life funny?



I checked out the site, and wow - I sent out a mass email with the link to my sisters, sister in laws and anyone else I thought would love it as much as I do. I know you are so busy - but we have to get to lunch with katy soon, lets aim for sometime between now and end of april? Sound good? I'm am so proud of you! You are awesome. So - my 10 year old is about a true size 1, she is really tall and thin. And, unfortunately going through puberty already. What size should I order for her? I am so excited for you. I do hope you are getting some down time. You need a nap - many naps.


You are such a strong inspiration to me. I am amazed at all you do!


You have been busy. The new line is amazing. I'm going to write about it on my blog. I love your Monkey Baby in your family picture.

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