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Thanks for helping me start my weekend with a good laugh. Great story! I love the messages for Jeff--those are lines to remember. Saturday chores is definitely a time for swearing. Now go find a bar of soap and wash your mouth out young lady!


This post is the best! I love you for not swearing. My parents never cussed either. I have heard my mom say the B word since I have become an adult, and that was shocking. I, however, am terrible. My poor sweet kids are used to me dropping the s, d, and h word all the time. My only saving grace I hope is that they see me read my BOM several times a day. I have a small one I carry in my purse. I have much repenting to do.
And, I'm curious as to how 'The Guy' responded to the messages.


"Which sent Drama Queen into hysterical laughing and the other two into deeper hysterical crying. " hahaaha! That was the best! funny post mom!


FUNNY! I'm also glad I am not the only mom that needs to pull out a swear word once in a blue moon. I can count the times I have sworn on one hand, but funny thing is my kids can all remember every time.


I wish I didn't swear. But for some reason I have a mouth like a sailor! Not sure where it came from, b/c like you Nic, my mom and dad didn't swear either - okay, that's not entirely true. I have memories of my mom saying "hells-bells". Olivia (my five year old) knows that there are words she isn't suppose to say. But she's found this loophole around this rule by repeating the rule to me again and again ..."mommy, we don't say sh*t, do we?" "mommy, sh*t is a bad word, right?" "mommy, why don't we say sh*t?" She also puts people on her "list" if they say bad words. My mom is on the list for saying "oh poo" last Christmas. And Olivia doesn't let her forget this fact!


It happens to the best of us! I like your Dad's words about it... my time and place seem to be a tad more often, but always under my breath - hopefully they don't catch it!

What a cute blog... I found it through Tiffs, hope you don't mind me taking a peek. :)


Every time Russell has a seizure I say the "H" word. It really helps to calm me down. I haven't sworn at my kids yet, but they're still really little so it's probably only a matter of time.

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